Long meeting.. & revitalised!

I didnt really work today. was in a meeting with the MD today since 11am till 4+ in the evening.. those who know me should know i wont be able to sit still for long.. Gawd, how miserable i was!! fidgeting throughout the meeting.. and i couldnt help it! and if you realised it by now.. i didnt go for lunch.. almost died of hunger in there!! came out and went for my lunch cum dinner, came back, packed my bag and headed home..

my attention span is short. i dont think i absorb much after the first hour.. but i appreciate the time taken to spend some time on us.. to let us know the history of the company and what has happened in the past.. our vision in the future..

there are some things that i learnt/got reminded of during the meeting..

1. One must have faith in carrying out tasks.

2. Motivation comes from oneself.

3. Trust is an important factor in people relations.

4. Do not let the negativity cloud your drive/passion.

5. Always live today like its e last. Appreciate e things u have n people ard u.

6. Persevere in what you believe.

well.. all i could say is that i’m definitely much more motivated before i went into the meeting.

it got me thinking about wei too.. i think he’s damn stressed now that he started on his degree course. coupled with his current job, i think it’s snuffing the life out of him. i hardly hear from him too.. i’m sad, but i’m not angry. i feel it’s important to enrich ourselves with more knowledge..especially in our cut throat society now.. but i think it’s hard when u have to do it together with a tough job. Dar, hang in there alright? I’ll try my best to give you all the support you need. Soon, it’ll be over.. Persevere.. remember, the tough times dont last.. the tough people do.