Ever wondered why people blog? is it so to let the world out there know about the happenings of one? is it so to educate people of certain views? is it a medium to spread teachings of others? or is it just a place to pen down frustrations, ease anger, share stories with friends/relatives.. or is it a place to enhance whatever creativity juice one have? i mean, it can be accessed anywhere in the world.. and why would people want to have that kind of transparency??

saw the straits times last sat and there was this upcoming article abt a blogger on sunday times.. i didnt get to see the article (no newspaper subscription at home..), but i went to check the blog out.. Hmm.. i dunno what to say.. a little fascinating (with the kind of stories that she churned out).. a little impressed(with the amount of effort she spends at her blog)..but i didnt really think it’s really fantastic.. but well.. guess she put in much more effort than i did to make it aesthetically appealing.. (i’m not mentioning the blog address coz i think she had have enough publicity already..)

I dunno abt others.. but i seldom read blogs of strangers.. I hardly have the time to.. i started my blog with the only sole purpose to share my USA trip with my close friends.. to still keep in contact with them via some link and keep them updated on the happenings that happened to me during my 3 week stay there.. and amazingly, i managed to keep the blog thus far..

i have never really wondered why i bothered to maintain the blog after so long.. consciously blogging in entries after entries.. most of the times, i used it to update friends of things around me..sometimes i wonder who reads my blog.. i know michie & Jac does read them frequently.. i know coz they will ask me if i didnt blog any entries.. hee.. i know xiaoqiang used to read it too.. but im not so sure now.. i wonder whether wei reads my blog.. i think some of my friends check my blog out for their pictures..i wonder if people whom i dunno abt reads abt my blog..i mean, i know of a lot of people that have my blog addy.. but they never leave any comments or trace when they visit it.. i wished i had a detector to detect who came into this blog to read.. at a frequent basis?? It’ll be nice to know.. the names to the people who read what im writing..

Oh shucks.. it’s 3 plus.. gawd, time for bed..