sometimes i feel like a punctured tyre.. you know, life is never smooth sailing.. there are bound to be ups and downs.. a cheerful girl cant be cheerful 365 days a year.. a happy person cant be happy all his or her life.. I had a friend.. who once scolded me for not knowing how fortunate i am.. the kind of life that i’m leading.. the environment that i’m being blessed with..and scolded me for feeling down..

you know what i think? no one can judge another person’s life through blog entries.. you’ll never know what has happened behind all these words.. all these typing.. i can draft a pretty story here and be feeling really miserable behind the scene.. similarly, i can be painting a really sad and miserable story and be grinning while typing.. so please, dont cast your assumption and judgement too soon..

what a down person needs is encouragement and words of hope.. tho it is true to a certain extent that no one can help yourself but oneself in such situations.. being a encouraging friend at the side is definitely more welcomed than anything else.. of coz.. i would really appreaciate it if someone* would support me through and pull me out.. hee.. i wonder if that someone* caught the hint..

after more than a month on feeling demoralised on the job.. i’m beginning to feel a little energised now.. found a bit more motivation on the job coz the terms and condition on the appointment letter is gonna change! Yeah!! and i’m beginning to do what i really wanted to do.. all thanks to an understanding and fatherly figure in the company..

I’m not going to blog as often now that my computer is down.. hoping to fix it soon.. but that’ll depends on when michie is free.. For now.. it’s time to get back to my work..