I am not: the dainty kind of girl

I love: my orange doggy.. my boy.. snooker… and mahjong!!

I hate: liar, unfaithful people, people who backstab..

I fear: leaving this world without having the chance to bid goodbye to my loved ones..

I hope: to lead my dream lifestyle..

I hear: the TV, the people playing basketball downstairs and people shouting..

I regret: spending all the money that i’ve spent.. So BROKE NOW!!

I cry: over matters of the heart.. when im feel super depressed and demoralised..

I care: for people around me.. my friends.. my family..

I always: complain, complain and complain…

I believe: in fate, in luck and determination..and happiness lies in one’s own hands..

I feel alone: in my room, in the dark..

I listen: to FM 93.3, to the sounds of the night.. to people who talk some sense..

I hide: my most innermost thoughts all the times.. i try to project a lively, happy image but sometimes.. i just feel so punctured..

I sing: like shit.. i’m beginning to suspect i’m tone deaf.. Arghh.. anyone wants to teach me? 🙁

I dance: only when i feel like it.. that hasn’t happened for quite a long time.. haha..

I write: my blog.. my organiser.. cards for my boy..

I play: snooker.. beach volley.. mahjong.. many other.. too many to list..

I dun play: *cracking my head*.. are there things that i dun play? cant think..

I miss: school life.. the days when i live my life to the fullest…

I search: for a goal in my life.. a destination that i want to reach.. a life that i’ll enjoy..

I feel: really excited and touched now.. (i just received a bouquet of TULIPS!!!) *tears flowing..

I know: that i’m falling sick soon.. i can feel it.. (how sad.. sick on bdae..)

I say: the wrong things at the wrong time ALL the time!!

I succeed: in spending all my money all the time..

I fail: to grow up.. to be more mature.. more understanding as a gf..

I dream: of a tai tai lifestyle.. (the thought of working tomolo irks me..)

I wonder: if someday my life will turn out as i dream it to be..

I want: a great bday, great friends and great life.. many presents too!!

I have: many things.. much more than i need.. but i still want MORE.. hee..

I give: love to only one, joy to all i can, care to those who need it..

I fell: many times.. in a lot of the things that i do.. but none too major to wake me from my dream.

I hurt: myself all the time.. accident prone.. bo pian.. clumsy means clumsy..

I tell: thanks to all those that wished me bday via hp, msn, icq etc..