Feeling Stress??

Came across this article and thought it’s great as a reference.. for those who are feeling stress from work or school… here’s how to make yourself feel better..

Take five and de-stress

Beat stress and stay healthy, says Andre Cheong.

The easiest way to preduce stress is to lower your ambitions, expectations and standards. But that should not be the solution. Most people want to excel in life. And excellence requires challenging yourself. Challenges involve stress.

Over the years, i have witnessed how high-flying executives have fallen victim to stress-related medical problems, some of which are short-term while others are more servere.

Either way, how can we keep our momentum going yet reduce the health risks? The following are some useful suggestions:

Regular Exercise

Studies show that regular exercise strengthens your heart and immune system and makes you better able to fight off the health problems that usually come with a stressful life.

Talk it out

When things get tough, remind yourself that things could be worse and spend some time formally counting your blessings. Say them out loud or write them down.

If you are worried about the future, imagine the worst possible senario and find a way to be at peace with that. Then figure out a “Plan B”. Remind yourself that when you get through your current problem, it won’t seem so bad. Tell yourself that this is a chance to prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you are a survivor.

Learn from low-stress people

If you are a Type-A personality or are highly ambitious, observe how low-stress people handle difficult situations. Their reaction might seem disturbingly placid at first. But imagine how they would react when you are feeling stressed and try to follow their example.

Have a hobby

An activity outside your work can enrich your life and be a stess-reducer. Among my hobbies are scuba diving and tennis. Although i am not a very good diver or tennis player, i feel relaxed when i go swimming or am running after the little green ball.

Get a pet

I have a cat, Rachel, that behaves almost like a dog. She is one of the most effective stress relievers for me. If you don’t like animals, try making a date with nature or pay more attention to nature. It will do wonders for your psyche.

Recent research suggests that flora and fauna have a way of giving positive charges to the human body, and taking away the negative effects of stress on us.

So, pay attention to your mental needs. A mind that is healthy will facilitate healthy living. A mind that is broken will take a long time to mend.

Article contributed by Andre Cheong, regional director of the PSD Group (Asia-Pacific). The PSD Group, an international executive search organisation listed on the London Stock Exchange, has worldwide offices covering specialist markets in telecommunications, consumer, electronics, banking, finance and IT services. E-mail: andre.cheong@psdgroup.com Website: www.psdgroup.com This article first appeared in ST Recruit on July 25, 2004.