The imperfect me..

my cranky mood these days is getting me into a lot of trouble with wei.. the weekend hasnt been exactly pleasant.. i guess im getting less and less perfect by the day.. No one is perfect, and i’m trying to face my imperfections.. and maybe, overcome are some of my imperfections..

the complain queen

someone highlighted to me that i’m a good complain queen.. i complain everyday.. i complain about everything.. i complain at some of the people that irritates me.. i complain about my job.. i complain about being kept waiting.. i complain about being broke.. i complain about not having a new phone.. i complain at other’s friends.. i complain about a wedding.. i complain & complain…i complain about EVERYTHING.

the petty me

i was told that i am petty.. i get angry easily and i dont bother to hide my expressions… (i’m definitely NOT a good actress in this area) i affect people around me with my so-called BLACK face.. i seemed to ruin the atmosphere all the time.. i seemed to dampen people’s spirits most of the time.. i am not popular..

the tactless me

i’m not tactful when talking with people.. sometimes, i shoot the wrong things off my mouth and hurt people’s feelings… i would rattle on and on on a topic and be oblivious to the people around me.. especially their expressions…i hurt people without myself realising.. i say the wrong things at the wrong time..

the incosiderate me

i dont give a damn to people’s feelings.. i just want it MY way.. i want it means i want it.. NOW means NOW.. i DONT CARE..

the bad-tempered me

i am very bad tempered.. catch me at the wrong time.. u’ll be in shit. i am really nasty to the people that offend me.. be it purposely or unpurposely.. i am not forgiving and equipped with pettiness.. you better get out of my way…

the childish me

i refuse to grow up.. i act like a kid.. i throw tantrums.. i need to bring my tattered orange plush doggy with me everywhere.. i pout.. i cry.. i want to remain a kid..

the late queen

i’m late for work almost every other day.. 10 mins a day is a lot when accumulated over a year.. i wake early.. but i stone a lot.. i take my own sweet time.. i dont care even tho i know i wont catch the early bus..

i’m sure that i have many many more imperfections that aren’t listed here.. i’m too tired to think.. just came back from a chalet.. and i got to wake in 4+hours time.. feeling so shitty.. feel like crying.. i feel so bewildered.. i cant control my surroundings.. i cant make them the way i want it to be.. im abt to breakdown..

anyway, please let me know if you know of anymore of my imperfections.. i’m gladly add them on into my current list.. take it as a friendster bad testimonial thingy.. please.. enlighten me..