Sleepless & tiring weekend..

was so shack in the office today.. slept for only 2 hours the night before.. went karaoke and came home really late. it was a really wet morning and it’s quite upsetting not being able to stay in bed longer..

i stoned the hours away in the office and was feeling quite cranky.. Azelia didnt dare to talk to me.. hee.. came back home in the afternoon after lunch and tried to do my auctions and some other stuff but was so tired that i almost dozed off in front of my computer.. couldnt take a nap coz i was supposed to be going to this wedding dinner later in the evening..

decided to pop by my cousin’s house (2 blks away) to have a quick mahjong session.. that proved to be a BAD decision.. coz i was so suay that i kept losing.. 🙁

Headed down to the wedding dinner and i was so pissed with everything.. people rushing me and then left me waiting for 2 hours.. quite pissed and annoyed.. especially when i didnt really like the groom much.. went coz wei was one of the “brothers” of the groom.. food was bad.. the place is cramped.. i cant see a single thing of the powerpoint slide.. i cant hear clearly what the MC is saying.. i was SO bored and upset that i wanted to walk out of the dinner..

my face was black.. and i didnt give a damn to the people around me.. im so tired.. everything was a blur.. more waiting.. falling asleep.. but i had to drive wei’s friends home.. to toa payoh.. then to serangoon.. then to seng kang… then wei’s sister called.. something happened.. the seng kang guy didnt alight.. had to rush to serangoon garden.. more waiting.. abt 1.5hrs later.. finally left the pub i was in.. my eyes was so painful from all the smoke that i’m tearing.. feel so uncomfortable.. so weary from the lack of sleep.. feeling myself getting sick…

got back into car.. sent guy to seng kang.. sent wei’s sister back to sembawang.. then finally.. drive wei and myself back to ang mo kio.. my mood was REALLY bad..

so tired that i brushed my teeth and collapsed before wei could finish bathing..