New outlet opening at Plaza Sing, B2

it’s an exciting day. Went office to prepare all the last min stuff for the opening later in the afternoon..

Spent the whole day in plaza sing distributing fliers.. darn.. it’s so demoralising when people simply refused to take the fliers.. Went to olympus service centre to repair my camera after that and i was quoted $210 for repairing the camera! *sob* that’s way too high a price.. i think it’s time i should start looking out for a new camera.. but i’m so broke.. and i need it so urgently.. anyone interested in donating one to me??

Anyway, dear old jac.. she came to plaza sing to look for me today and she’s so nice to present me with a little pressie.. Hee.. Girl.. thanks for thought and the pressie is sitting on my office table already.. so me.. strawberry & pink.. *grinz* She also came to my rescue with an external xd card reader for me to upload my photos.. but the sad thing is.. i cant seemed to use it.. stupid computer doesnt detect the thing.. dunno why.. something, somewhere is wrong.. was so tired and frustrated that i decided to try some other day…