It’s such a S L O W afternoon.. Didnt get enough sleep last night and kinda stoning the whole day away.. Went for lunch after work with poh chuan, samantha and ms chong.. we were at yishun community centre(east).. there is this little cafeteria in there that’s opened by ms chong’s sister.. Gawd.. they kinda look identical.. even the spectacles that they wore is of the same color.. Hee..

Had a real value meal there.. Paid $4.50 for a plate of rice, with chicken chop, sausage, fried egg, vegetables and a roasted drumstick.. hee.. The set meal was actually $2.50, but i added this and that.. so hungry..

had a really satisfying lunch and by the time i finished eating.. i just wanted to sit there and sleep…so drowsy..

havent had any plans for the day.. feel like doing some sports.. but i cant seemed to find anyone that’s free to do something with me.. aint that sad? wei is still playing with the Zee monster at this hour of the day..

Anyway, i finally found the way to fix my cherry header nicely on my blog.. It’s aint the perfect solution but for now.. i think im happy with it.. *yeah!