Click.. Click..

Was almost out of the office for the whole day. Left the office at 10.30am right after a meeting with joseph. Am late for my appointment and i had to go grab some fruits for the photoshoot. The moment i stepped out of the office, the heavy rain drops poured over me.. My.. made a desperate dash to the bus stop (which is not very near!!).. Got there half wet, half panting, toes filled with sand and my heels was all wet!! Wanted to hop onto a cab but none were in sight.. *sigh* Spent my time in this bridal studio in clementi.. so tiring.. but hey!! i’m not getting married.. just that i had to bring my cakes for product shoot..

here are some of the pictures that i took for the day..

Am so tired for the night.. will comment more another day.. Time for bed!! *yawnz*