Rush Weekend..

Last weekend was a busy one.. It’s was my grandpa’s birthday and my aunt & uncles came back from the states for the occasion. I had to help them drive the shopping home coz they went around buying everything!!

Promised wei that we’ll go G2000 for shop for working clothes.. so had to rush there in time before the shop closes.. Played snooker the whole night and only managed to get home at 7am on sunday morning when im suppposed to catch the 9+ train to grandpa’s house. Mum & rest of relatives have already made their way to grandpa’s house the day before..

I accidentally dozed off while taking a quick rest before i changed and got ready to make the trip into malaysia via the train.. Guess what? What i woke, it was 8.30am already and brother was banging hard on my door to wake me.. Took a quick bath, hopped onto a cab and headed to the train station. Got there just in time to catch the train before it moved off..

By the time the train pulled into the Rengam station, the birthday feast has already began and i have missed a couple of dishes.. But i guess the most important issue for the day is to let my grandpa catch a glimpse of me..

Many a times.. I thought it was troublesome and a chore to travel up north to my grandpa’s house.. It’s a long way by the road or by the tracks.. I didnt want to make it there this year coz i was so tired with my work and worried about being able to wake on time on monday..

A call to my grandpa’s house last saturday changed my mind totally. I wanted to look for my mum, but grandpa picked the phone up instead. The next question that he asked kinda shocked me.. He asked, “Are you coming over?” Never in my life that he has asked me such a question, and i felt kinda awkward to be asked that.. I couldnt bring myself to say no.. told him that i’ll be there the next day..

I was glad that i answered the way i did.. The next day, despite my tiredness and lateness at the feast, i could tell that he was glad that he saw me. He smiled at me though we didnt talk much.. Now that i think about it.. I miss those days when he used to chat with me over everything.. Now, he’s quieter and keep a lot to himself.. I’m kinda worried about his health.. he hasnt been to regular check ups at the hospitals in the past years.. i really hope that everything will turn out fine..

I took many photos of the place, the surroundings, the train stations, the bus station and all.. Will load it up once i have the time at home. My time has been so stretch in the past few days that i hardly have enough time to rest..

I think this weekend has been really eventful.. I saw the big gathering of my family from different parts of the world once more.. I wonder how many more chances i’ll get to see such a gathering in the next few years.. The candles on the cake are increasing by the year.. and grandpa has already reached a ripe old age..

It’s never too late to learn to appreciate and care for the people around you that has made an impact in your lives.. it’s only late never to realise the need to..

Do make an effort to bring a smile into someone’s life. Life is never too busy to make a phonecall to someone that’s precious to you..