Almost a 12hr work day!!

After 2 weeks of working in the office.. i finally managed to take a photo of the office building.. Here it is.. after being blocked by many tress and lamp post.. but this is already the best view of the office..Clearly visible from afar..

Realised from today’s work that Singaporeans are basically very KIASU.. Launched a promotion with OCBC staff today and everyone was calling in to enquire about the promotion even though the promotion runs for a straight 15 days.. and there are so many different questions and they keep requesting for things that are almost impossible. The phones are constantly ringing, the fax machine printing.. and the email keeps popping themselves into the inbox. The orders kept coming in even after office hours.. and i just cant leave the office with all those orders constantly coming in… especially those that are for the next day..

In the end, i had to leave by 8pm, before the alarm goes off.. and i left loads of work undone..worrying that it will pile to more work tomorrow.. but then again.. work can never be finished.. its only a matter of priority.. hee.. Anyway, i left home for dinner.. hungry, tired, thirsty and worn..

Hope tomorrow will be a better day..

Take a step a day, one at a time and someday.. the journey called life will unfold and end some point.

Live life as best for the moment and never look back, coz there’s nothing you can change about the past.. but there’s a future for your hands to mould..