Tiring Week..

Haven’t been blogging since i started work last thursday.. it was really a torture for me to wake so early everyday.. Trying to make sure that i reach work on time (so as not to create a bad impression) and going through my wardrobe deciding what to wear to work is so tedious on me each morning..

Ironing my working clothes is also a BIG nightmare.. Don’t want to appear sloppy in the office.. Had 3 days of training and had to work on Father’s Day at one of the outlets.. That really dampened my spirits so much!! On top of that, working for 9 hours on a SUNDAY isnt anything that i could smile about.. I was so down the whole day..

The week followed with loads of menial tasks on hand.. sorting out the past brochures.. filing old documents.. sorting photographs.. i must have sort a few thousand photos till date.. went through all the photographs of the different cake designs eversince Angie the Choice opened its doors in Singapore slightly more than 15 years ago.. Till this day, 4 days after i started sorting them out.. I’m only about halfway through.. my whole table is such a mess and i wonder when i’ll ever get through them..

Through the menial stuff that i have been doing.. the fresh cakes from the manufacturing level never fails to steal me away from my desk.. part of my job encompasses food tasting.. *grinz* I know im gonna grow fat for sure.. Ate 3 different slices of DURIAN cake today and left me blurping with durian all day long.. Yum Yum.. Tasted the Oreo cake, the yam cake, strawberry cake, rich cheese cake (not in market yet), and the durian cakes from different durian makes in less than a week!! Kinda like eat and eat on the job all day..

Here are some of the photos i took during the last one and a half weeks.. Havent had the time to load them into my computer till today.. each day i get home.. i just want to crawl onto my bed.. *yawnz*