Finally Employed..

Im gonna start working as a marketing executive at angie the choice.. and yes!! it’s really been my choice since i went for the interview.. really into the job and i’m really excited about working tomorrow..

Didnt realise that i havent been blogging for ages.. Been really busy meeting up with friends, going for interviews and doing loads of entertaining here and there.. i think the meeting up craze in on..hee..

Meet up with Pei and Shuyu last monday and heard that pei is going Korea! How fun.. Girl.. work and money is important, but promise me that you’ll look after your health too alright?

Met up with Jac & Qunyu last wednesday.. It’s been really fun shopping with you girls.. I wonder when is the next time that we can afford such lifestyle.. *sigh* gonna miss it badly..

Was kinda partying the weekend away.. coz it’s wei’s birdy day!! It’s eating, singing and drinking all weekend long.. it was really tiring but then so fun and enjoyable…Sweetie, i do hope you have enjoyed yourself. 🙂

Went for a wedding dinner on tuesday.. Congratulations to Sean & Cindy. May both of you be blessed with happiness and good health! Cindy looked really sexy in that wedding gown.. Wow.. *salivating*

Heard about a last minute farewell dinner with allan & the phs gang today. He’s leaving for UK and wont be back in the short run.. Bro, though im gonna see you again tomorrow for maybe the last time or the second last time, i wish you all the best.. send my regards to daisy and remember to write back when you can and keep in touch ya? I’m gonna miss hanging out with ya and i’m losing one of my beloved snooker kaki!!

I’m so beat now.. havent slept well for the whole weekend.. Need to sleep soon.. must look good for first day at work…