Peculiar Event..

Saw something really interesting while shopping at esprit alone at raffles city. I was waiting for Qunyu to come.. Then i realised that there were people in the showcase!

Took a detour out there to check them out and it found it really interesting. There was this display, called the Urban Dream capsule.. People were actually living in the window display! They even have the shower room there for people to see.. and i guess one could actually see them shower coz the shower room doors are actually glass pieces all round.. Of coz, with the special area covered. 🙂 They were living under public scrutiny.. and for 24 hours per day for a straight 15 days.. i thought it was really something that took some courage to do.. and for the sake of art.. how noble..

I guess people were really fascinated with loads of the working crowd spending portions of their lunch time there under the hot sun observing these people.. and there were loads of messages from the well-wishers pasted on the windows for us to read. I really thought they were encouranging.. and at the point of time i was there.. two of them were actually doing exercise facing each other.. kinda like a mirror image kind of thing.. quite funny.. Wanted to take a photo initially.. but changed my mind.. I popped over to their kitchen area and that the stove was boiling with some food that they were cooking.. was kinda fascinated with all the stuff that they had there in that small area..

For those of you who are interested in viewing them.. pop over this this site.. and view them via the web cam..

Spent the whole day shopping with qunyu and both of us spent so much money at iora alone that we decided not to go anywhere else after that.. *grinz*

Hey girl.. I just want to let you know that i really enjoyed shopping with you!! Boy.. i was so tired by the time i got home that i kinda knocked out while doing my leisure reading..