End of May Days..

Wow.. the month has passed so fast that i have just found myself on the last day of may.. Great Singapore Sales has started.. and of coz, as a shopping fanatic.. i has left my footprints in many shopping malls already. At 10.50am on the day that the GSS started, i have already bought 2 bags from m)phonsis.. yes.. i know i shouldnt have, but i couldnt resist the temptation when it comes to bags.. and i know many people is going to scold me when they read my blog.. I have enough bags to last me for at least 4 months with a different bag each day.. but.. argh.. i have got to own it.. *grinz*

The interview at Angie’s the other day was the LONGEST interview i ever went to in my entire life.. and i believe it would have been the longest for a lot of people out there too!! It lasted for exactly 2 hours.. My jaws were aching when i was out from the interview and it was really tiring.. having to work my brain cells dead at answering the questions that i was prompted with. i left the interview feeling fairly confident, greatly interested in the job and really anxious about the getting the job. Was told that i’ll know the result by the end of the day but it turned out that the manager changed his mind and decided that he will let me know only when he’s back from his leave.. Which means, i’ll have another long wait before i know if im selected for the job.. he’ll be back on the 10th june.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed till then..

I called Diners up to ask about the status of my application before the Angie’s interview and was told that the job vacancy has been closed and i was not selected.. Aww.. i was disappointed.. but i guess it would be their loss!! *grinz* such a talent like me.. Hahaha..

Spent the weekend with wei as usual.. wanted to go to the open house at changi naval base.. but the weather and the queue at expo changed my mind instantly when i got there.. My.. it was SO LONG! Didnt want to spend hours waiting to get on the shuttle bus to the camp and decide to abandon the plan and headed towards.. yes.. the shopping malls!! haha.. spend spend spend.. eat eat eat.. that’s what i basically did for the whole weekend!!

Watched this movie and i think it’s nice. It was heart-wrenching and with a bit of humour, it kinda captured my mind and my soul for the 2+ hours. It’s prob has got something to do with the little environmentally friendly side of me that caught me on so intently and i was totally amazed and impressed at the 2 kids that were seated beside me.. left me so in awe that i made a resolution to make sure that when i have kids, i’ll teach them to be like them.. The boy and the girl that was seated next to me..estimated to 8 years old and 6 years old respectively.. and they were so silent during the entire movie!! stole a few glances at the cute boy in the midst of the movie and he was so intently looking at the screen.. and his sister is doing the same thing! Wow.. i must say i was really really impressed. Not a sound, not a utter.. not even when the sister stole the nachos chips from the boy’s hands.. only a silent glare and then back to the movie.. Thanks kids, you made my day and enjoy the movie much more.. and i really really respected the father. He have taught them well..

This incident has reminded me of the really really bad experience that i had when i was watching Troy. The row of guys seated behind me.. I think they were malaysians.. about 5 of them.. talking loudly to each other throughout the whole movie. Imagine the voice volume when the guy of the extreme right was talking to the one of extreme left.. i was VERY sure that the whole cinema could hear their conversation and even though i stared at them for several times, they didnt stop talking loudly. I was so upsetted and disturbed by their conversation that i didnt enjoy the movie as much. Almost wanted to throw my shoe at them.. too bad i didnt have pop corns with me that day.. if not, it would all have landed on their faces.

It has also made me realised that Singaporeans are pretty considerate, with some occasional disturbance tho. I guess most of the times, its prob. accidental. Not sure how many out there have experienced this before.. try watching a movie in malaysia..(other than capital, KL) The whole cinema is filled with noises of cracking peanuts, munching chips and loud talking and yes, people walking around. I’m really glad that the cinemas here educate the people to be who we are today. I applaude them for all the kind reminders before the movie to make sure that everyone has switched the mobile to silent mode.. and i applaude the person who came up with this ingenious idea.

Oh shucks.. I’m hearing the birds chirping. It’s 6+ in the morning.. I’m supposed to meet Jac at 11am for another round of sale sale sale and shop shop shop.. Got to grab some sleep and head towards dreamland with my orange doggy…