Interview again..

I have been called for another interview tomorrow. Had to work tomorrow actually and ended up asking michie for help.. for someone to replace me at work.. Thanks Michie.. I owe you one and also a BIG BIRTHDAY MEAL.. Hmmm, now that i think about it, we are NOW the same age.. *grinz*

I’m going for an interview with Angie the Choice tomorrow morning.. The guy over the phone asked me if i knew what company they are.. i told him “the cakemaker”.. haha.. Well, i’m quite excited over the job, but i heard i got to work on SATURDAYS!! that’s so depressing.. and it’s in Sonoko again! i seemed to be closely associated with job vacancies in that area.. i guess they might have taken my address into the consideration while evaluating my resume. The consolations in working in that area is that it’s quite near my house (cab fare cost me abt $5), i’m heading away from the main human traffic most of the time and there’s absolutely nothing there for me to splurge my money on.. It’s an industrial area.. I would think its quite boring.. but that also means that i’ll be able to save a lot of money without seeing shopping malls!

I haven’t heard from Diners Club as yet.. called them today but i think i called after the office hour.. Hmmm.. No one answered the phone.. I’m really keen in the job.. but as each day passes, my heart sinks further.. looks like there isnt much hope of me getting the job.. It’s been 7 working days.. Sounds short, but its almost 2 weeks! Oh well.. like wei says.. There are better ones out there.. and i do hope Angie is gonna be MY CHOICE.

As for now, its the time of the day for me to send more resumes..