Home Alone..Again

Mum came back on tuesday afternoon and went back to rengam early this morning. Didnt have a chance to say goodbye coz she left really early, while i was still fighting the ZzZz montser..

Its been hard for her.. having to look after my grandpa and worrying about us while she’s there. The last time she went, she told me she’ll be back in 2 days.. but she was gone for more than a month! i could tell she’s worrying about the house, about me and my brother.. She calls almost everyday to make sure that everything is in order.. naking sure someone paid for all the bills.. all the shows she wanted were being recorded.. the plants were being watered.. the fishes being fed.. the hamsters being looked after.. Us, having enough food to eat.. She’s like a mother hen.. although we both are quite grown up, i think we are still kids in her eyes..making sure everything is alright before she closes her eyes to sleep each night..

In the past month, i have done so much more housework compared to the days when mum was around.. and i tried my best to keep the house clean and neat.. especially the day before mum came back home. I could tell.. she was comforted.. not having to do anything while she’s back.. and the house still in order. I guess that’s the best mother’s day present i could offer her..

I think a mother’s love for her children is something really special. it’s unlimited amount of tolerance, unlimited amount of care and concern, unlimited amount of worrying and unlimited amount of love, no matter what the child has done. Thanks mum.. for being there for me all these years..

Read the papers couple of days ago about another abandoned baby. It’s so sad knowing that despite being in a knowledge-based economy with most people being educated, such things are still happening. i wonder how these mothers can bring themselves to abandon the child. I would rather that they dont bring it into to world to have it thrown down the rubbish chute or left at some staircase.