30th Night & 1st May..

Had a gathering with my secondary schoolmates.. we had a chalet over the labor day weekend.. and the response was overwhelming.. Tho we often meet up once in a while.. the chalet was a different idea from our past outings.. and everyone chipped in to help and it was heart warming to know that everyone is willing to lend a hand to get things done and make the event a sucess..

Wanted to take photos of everyone.. but got too carried away catching up with everyone, playing mahjong and bbq-ing.. and ended up taking only 2 photos of the whole event!! Darn! was so disappointed when i came home realising that i forgot to take the photos..

Here are the photos i took of allan and phua choon yi..

Havent been updating the blog for a long time.. been busy with attending more interviews.. getting on with life.. getting the house organized.. trying to ensure that my mum is not too worried about everything in the house.. she has been away from some time now.. and calls almost everyday to make sure everything is in check.. like a mother hen worrying about her chicks.. the only difference is that it’s 2 grown up and very independent chicks that she’s worried about.. 🙂

Spent the last 2 weeks working at events as usual and attended more interviews.. I think im getting quite good in these interviews.. Was offered a couple of jobs, but turned them all down coz i didnt want a desk bound job that only allows me to sit in the office all day and make calls and surf the net..

Got 2 more interviews to attend tomorrow.. Quite excited about them.. Promotion Exe at Diners club and a PR Exe for Lucky Plaza.. Hope it goes well..For now, i need to go play chess with Mr. Zhou.. got to wake at 5am for a Microsoft event tomorrow morning before my interviews..