More interviews..

Got a call from the recruitment agency yesterday and realised that the company that they were supposed to match me with is NKF.. The recently most heard about event is their charity show.. Kinda felt turned off when i found out the company.. Was supposed to attend another interview and meet the HR person in NKF tomorrow.. Am dreading it.. but i told myself that i should take it as an experience to “look-see look-see” and check the company out..

Anyway, here are some of the things i found out.. NKF is actually giving 2-3months bonuses.. I thought that was a LOT for a non-profit organisation and it kinda made me felt more negative towards the organization..and i was supposed to sign a 3 years bond with the company if i were to take up the job.. According to the person that interviewed me at the recruitment agency.. she seemed to give me the kind of feeling that it aint a nice place to work in.. coz she was asking whether i could stand really nasty colleagues and how i would handle them.. and there is also a 2 months compensation if i were to break the bond.. and on top of that.. one month’s notice.. Eh.. the salary aint really fantastic either.. since i’m required to travel around to meet up with clients and transportation has already been counted in the package..

Another thing that puts me off is the location of the company.. Wow.. it’s really far from where i stay.. and i have no idea how to get there till now even though the interview is like 8 hours away.. Guess i got to waste some money to take a cab to and from the place..

As for the interview that i went with jac today.. Hmm.. nice working enivronment, small office.. i would say it’s quite cosy.. location not that bad, but they are giving away diploma level pay.. Not really worth any consideration to me at the moment… but i’ll just keep my options open for the moment..

Went shopping with jac after the interview and i havent shopped much since i got back from the states.. Wow.. i bought so MUCH stuff.. kinda went crazy at everything i saw…

Am really tired.. but have loads of things on my to-do list.. i wonder when i’ll have the time to get some of those things done.. Got to work for the next 2 days @ AP Comm again.. and i think i’m gonna stop working for them and get my life in order and accomplish the stuff that i have always been wanting to do..