Went for an interview early this morning.. Not really into the job, but just wanted to hone my skills as being interviewed and get a feel of the kind of questions that i’ll be asked. As usual.. i’m quite nervous and i was so thirsty (didnt drink water since i woke) that my voice is like croaking.. almost felt like im a toad.. *croak* Anyway, it was at a recruitment agency and i was being grilled for answers that i don’t have.. Caught me so unexpectedly.. such as whether i’m a kids person.. Hmm.. not really sure.. Doesnt seemed to tally with the job description of the job ad that i applied for…. *weird*

Anyway, the day was continued with collation at AP Comm again.. was tying ribbons for some Microsoft books and wasn’t really a pleasant day.. Tired and bored..

Something coincidental happened to Jac and me.. In the span of half an hour while we were working together.. we found out that we applied for the same job.. to an ad placed on the straits times weeks ago.. and we had our interviews scheduled right after each other.. so funny.. guess there aren’t many jobs in the market out there weeks ago.. or rather.. to my specialization..

Scanned the papers today for more job ads.. and realised that last saturday’s papers were full of jobs that i was interested in.. but i’m really too tired today to send out any resumes.. Have to wake at 6am tomorrow for another event and Grand Hyatt..

Kinda quite sick of working part time now.. It makes me feel so strained.. i dont seemed to have anytime to do my personal stuff.. I wonder if this is the kind of life that i’ll be leading in maybe.. a month’s time? Kinda dread it..

I hope tomorrow will be a better day! I’m going shopping in town with jac after work.. Hoping to come home early to have some resumes sent out..