Had my lunch today alone in a familar hawker today.. and it’s the first time im there eating alone.. Fell into a daze in the midst of eating.. and i basically slowly chewed my food through..Feeling quite stoned.. and lost.. somehow.. i didnt know where i want to head to.. what i want to do later in the day..

Sat there slowly drinking my drink.. staring at the people at the hawker.. the cleaning aunty came over to clear up my table.. and i mentioned thanks.. and it suddenly dawned on me that at times.. we take the people around us for granted.. and yet, we can be so polite to a complete stranger.. Why will we take people for granted? and what happens when we become the ones that people take for granted? Should we make some noise to ensure that we are no longer taken for granted or should we just keep the silence to maintain the status quo?

I’m feeling really down today.. The only thing that i want to do is to hibernate in my air-con room.. away from my troubles and away from people.. I do not feel like talking to anyone today.. a lot of thinking is what i need to do now..