Warm weather..

Spent my whole day in Sentosa today.. Not basking in the sun tho.. was working at an event.. it’s a Microsoft Meeting.. The weather was so warm and i felt super uncomfortable in the clothes i wore.. They are practically sticking to my skin and every moment, i wish i was dipped in the swimming pool..

Looks like we are headed to the “summer days” of singapore and yes.. it’s actually something that i”ll be happy about.. can go bake in the sun without worrying about the rain pouring down on me any moment.. and get myself a nice tan in the sun..

Anyway, i have realised that the services of Rasa Sentosa aint really fantastic.. or rather.. they have pissed me the whole day and i really wonder why people are paying so much for their services.. No smiles on the staff.. Not friendly at all.. All blur and confused and its really hard trying to get things done with their help.

Realised Michie haven’t been blogging frequently and havent seen her on the net for some time.. i wonder if she’s been real busy meeting up her clients on her new job. So happy for her that she can be kept busy.. and happy working..

Got real motivated today after a short nap and i sent out so many so many job applications that im actually quite proud of myself.. Hee..But Im gonna miss the china trip that my family is going if i get a job soon.. kinda feel like waiting and get a chance to go china.. wanted so badly to go there to source for materials for my jewellery making.. and inspirations..

Oh.. i’m looking forward to tomorrow.. Though it’s gonna be another boring day at work as a temp.. but i’ll be meeting my PRIMARY school friends!! Havent really seen many of them in the past years and keep in close contact.. heard that some got married.. got pregnant.. had kids.. WOW! i feel so old man.. gonna go dig up their life stories and see how they have been.. =)