Job Hunt..

Been browsing the papers recently for a job and there hasn’t been any suitable ones that i saw.. and i realised that the recruit section seemed to get lesser as the days goes by.. Doesnt look like a good sign to me.. Hmmm.. Beginning to get a little worried since most people seemed to have a job already and the best motivational factor is the depleting amount in my bank account.. That’s so upsetting.. Since the trip back from the states.. my funds are almost used up..

I’m gonna meet michie, huisi and yee tat for dinner tomorrow.. Havent decided where we are going to dine at.. but i guess it’s gonna be another hole in my pocket.. I spent the whole afternoon sleeping away.. was so tired after waking up really early this morning for the hair show.. Realised at the show that the other models’ hair were quite bad… One was cut short and the other had her whole head bleached.. the hair is really dry and it looks really quite bad.. I’m beginning to get real consoled that my hair still looks okie and some salon owners and stylists actually commented that they like my color.. It suddenly dawned on me that i actually didnt realise that i’m quite fortunate that at least my hair is looking normal until i compared myself with the other model today.. I do hope the color doesnt fade early too fast.. Need a normal looking hair for the interviews.. been slapping on hair treatment and spending more time in the bathroom for the past week…

Was discussing with wei about the professionalism of the salon and we both agreed that they do not have any. For the hair show today, firstly, i wasnt told what color i will be modelling.. and even umpteen times of asking last week, i was NOT given an answer. One staff at the salon actually burnt my hair when blowing it dry and i was wondering why suddenly there’s this “chao da” smell.. My hair has handled quite roughly and i was not given any apology even after i shouted a loud “ouch” with my hair tugged at.. I was told to ask the Lo’real technician the time of the hair show cos the stylist/technician at the salon couldnt give me an answer.. I wasn’t told what to dress or anything like that until i went to check out with the Lo’real technician only to find out that there’s a strictly all black dress code. There were no smiles on the faces of most of the staff at the salon.. If im a paying customer, i’m not going back there again.. and come to think about it.. Even as a model, i doubt i’ll step into the salon again for another coloring/perming session. I have just discovered a “square” patch of blonde hair that was left out uncolored and it’s showing when i tie up my hair.. I got to think of a way to get rid of it.. so unsightly..