Busy? Hmm…

I havent had much time to myself for the past weeks.. been doing part time at APcomm that i’m so tired out when the weekend comes.. Didnt really have time to sit and daze in front of my computer anymore.. each day as i reach home.. it’s dinner and slumberland.. I feel so stretched out even though i don’t have a full time job..

Jacklyn has been packing my weeks with so many assignments.. and im so glad that i dont have anything on next week other than the appointment with Next Salon in Holland V and the hair show that im supposed to model on wednesday. I’m looking forward to getting a new color on my hair.. It’s gonna be my favourite PINK color! Not too sure how it will turn out to be and i do hope that it wont be affecting my chances during the job interviews..

Talking about that.. i havent been sending out resumes and browsing the papers for job.. think that part time work is really affecting my life or rather my future..

Just read Michie’s blog and sometimes.. i really feel that she’s really wise for her age.. i wonder where she gets all those wisdom from.. I do feel small in terms of size and IQ at times when i compare myself with her.. guess i’ll grow to be like her some day too..

And mich, guess what.. i thought that women with womb cancer is selfish too!! I feel sad for the family and i wonder how a women can do that to her family.. seems to be that she has a loving husband and family when i read the article.. but as i think back and reflect.. many a times the picture may be different from the way its painted in the papers.. many families have problems of their own and sometimes, even the best of friends wont be able to tell.. Maybe there were reasons that were unknown to us that drove her to such desperation..

Decided to do the quiz that i saw on michie’s blog..and i’m bloom!!

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I think that’s quite accurate.. hee..