Busy Busy Busy..

My my.. It’s been almost a month since i got the time to update my blog. When i came back from the states.. was busy meeting up with friends distributing the stuff that i was asked to buy.. and had been offered part time for quite a number of days..

Well.. spent the rest of the time trying to fix my computer.. tho its working now.. there’s a lot of errors here and there and i cant figure out what’s the problem..Even my uncle can’t help me.. Oh well.. this is bad.. i cant read any cd rom and it crashes the moment i tried to run it..

Cant seemed to install anything now.. am still trying to figure out what’s wrong.. Hmm.. anyone has solutions? Let me know..

It’s a lazy afternoon and i’m almost bored to death.. too tired to be doing anything.. and everything just seemed so wrong with my life..

Think i need to get a job soon..