Long Weekend..

Spent the days bustling around doing last minute shopping for my trip.. Managed to get all the stuff that i wanted/needed and spent the nights playing number balls..

So many things to do suddenly.. manage my auctions.. thinking of what else to pack..buy..bring..Making sure that my auntie’s shopping list has been completed.. need to get my sing dollars changed to USD.. Got to take my hard disk out of my beloved computer and bring it along with me to the states.. so that my uncle can take a look at it coz the niece is too lazy to fix it and too broke to buy a new one herself.. (it’s so nice to have a techie uncle who deals with computers..)

Suddenly, everything went in a whizz.. i’m thinking of a way to fit all the things that i need to bring (especially those of my aunt’s) into the small lugguage that she left me with.. *sigh* She took all the huge lugguages back with her already.. I think i seriously need doraemon’s help..

Wonder how to fit the amount of things that i need to do into the last 36 hours in have before i fly.. time is ticking and suddenly everything seems to be wrong.. or rather.. things didnt go according to my plan and there are too many hiccups along the way.. but life’s is always full of surprises and it about how to manage them..

Oh.. according to what i learnt in uni.. i’ll have to do it with the small wins theory.. hahah..

Thinking of getting a new phone tomorrow.. Should i? *puzzling*