Get Togethers..

Had a tiring day yesterday.. Spent the whole day shopping with Huisi and then went to meet my uni classmates… or rather, my beloved group mates that went through loads of fun eating, working and gossiping together at the benches in SIM.. We ate at this Hougang coffeeshop.. and wow.. i must say the food there is quite nice and there’s a large crowd and they had to extend the tables a long way down the corridors…

The moment we sat down.. we laughed, and chatted non stop.. Really miss those days tho it’s only couple of months ago.. It’s so boring being unemployed now.. Oh.. wanted to take photos and then post it here.. but forgot my camera.. Called and made sure that michie brought hers instead.. but guess what.. we forgot all about taking photos till the moment we got home!! What a pity.. wonder when’s the next time we’ll meet like that again.. It’s going to be harder when everyone starts getting a job..

Met up Kwan Boon and Willy today.. my poly classmate and friend.. For those who knows kb, he’s leaving for Aussieland soon.. Going there to get a business degree at University of Queensland. Leaving end feb.. catch him before he leaves for those who hasnt seen him in a while.. (tho i think he still looks the same like 4 years ago..) Or else, wait till December before you’ll get to see him again..

Anyway, i realised i made a HUGE blunder today.. Been thinking and telling EVERYBODY that i’m flying on thursday. Brother just asked me what time i am intending to go to the airport next WEDNESDAY.. and i was going like.. “oh.. bye bye.. you’ll go to the airport on wednesday yourself k? I’ll go on a thursday..” Brother actually jumped and shouted..”What? We flying on a thursday meh? i thought wednesday??”

Oh well.. checked the air tickets and also the calendar and verified that it’s actually going to be a WEDNESDAY.. I’m wrong.. And it wasn’t good news.. screwed up my intended schedule of shopping and meeting friends.. and i’m actually planning to pack my lugguage on wednesday! Anyway, just to make sure.. messaged huisi to tell her about the blunder i made and the time we are heading to the airport and she was going..”Huh? I thought we flying on a thursday!!” haha.. So, im not the only one huh? Hee..