Another New Day..

Embraced wednesday in the midst of trying to figure out the coding for the blog. Aint any html expert so got to do it by trial and error..

Still have some alignment out.. gave up on them.. decided to seek the experts’ help tomorrow.. Am still trying to convince myself that almost a month has passed and it only seemed like yesterday when i celebrated new year’s eve in a friend’s house..

Cousin Kenny got married just a couple of days into 2004.. there were cute little teddys in bridal gowns and suits as door gifts.. and yep.. they are really popular among my female cousins.. I got LOADS of them too.. Placed them all in position for the banquet.. Cousins all said i’m crazy.. but it’s just me.. Will load the photo of that after i have figured out the gist of hosting images on msn groups.. Oh.. and did i mention that the bride was a really sweet babe?