im getting so tired waking up early for physio sessions. i seemed to be constantly tired now, and have no idea why.

in leg news, i have gotten rid of my crutch yesterday and headed for my japanese class without it. it sure is one tiring thing to walk so slowly and that far. on my way back, the leg ached and the knee was kinda painful, but it really feels great to be taking public transport.

the daily physio sessions seemed to be getting better, and i have met a lot more footballers yesterday. but the thing is, i dont know who they are and i cant put a name to their faces. tee hee hee.

yesterday was one irritating session where i had a black footballer irritate the hell outta me by shouting across the room to me, to make conversations and date me for lunch! Grr. it is annoying cos he keep disturbing what i was doing at every interval he could managed.

and asked for my mobile. when i refused to give it to him, he said this to me,”i’m a man, and i know what i want. would you just give it (ur mobile) to me?”

i seriously felt like kicking his groin. he’s 2 heads taller with a much bigger frame than me and all i did was to say no nicely and snide him a little. he wouldnt left me alone, so i told him to give me his number instead and leave me alone cos i wanted to concentrate on my physio.

my physiotherapist was hounding on him for pestering me, and when he left, he played a trick on him. i gave him the number and the physiotherapist feigned as my dad and called him up, scolding him for pestering me. the entire conversation was damn funny and i ended in laughing fits with another young footballer in the room.

haha. im glad im getting laughter outta a place where i keep associating pain with.

oh, time to head for another session now! gotta go!