the knowledge of knowing that there is gonna be stable money coming in at the end of the month does wonders.

ever since i know i secured a job, my mentality at things is changing rapidly.

especially shopping.

the things that i thought i could do without for the last month suddenly springs into my to-buy list. because survival was more crucial then, those things are not needed. and because survival is now secured, my wants come back to haunt me.

i cant wait to go SHOPPING!

i become less worried abt the financial position that i am in. suddenly, my survival cash has been transformed into spare cash. haha. funny how job security does that to people.

wei just woke me from my nap. we are gonna head to MOS tonight cos it’s a friend’s bday. 🙁 *yawns*

my plans of cleaning the room tonight is wrecked. and the days following are packed. physio tomorrow morning, meeting LJ girls at union square tomorrow night, friday lunch date with yihui/mich, shopping spree in afternoon, dinner with sy and girls at night.

god. why is there always NOT enough time?

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