im totally drained and void of energy..

my nose is dripping non stop for now. i think i caught the flu bug from the store manager today. urk. :/

had my store training today and it quite fun making my own lunch and making pizzas to serve. i was totally energetic and hyper and accident prone as usual. my shoes were so slippery that i am never that careful with walking. i figured that i couldnt afford to fall now that my injuries are healing slowly.

the dough kneading, playing of ingredients and dishing out the food is quite fun. im getting old! never felt so drained and tired after the entire ordeal. one more day before i’ll be back at the office. now, i smell like dough. 🙁

and there’s a cute chinese guy too! the name’s dwight. ok. his complexion’s not fantastic but he’s CUTE (and v young)! too bad he’s not working tomorrow!

oh well.. it’s time to nurse my tired body again, to keep up with my energy levels required tomorrow.

good nite folks.

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