today’s a worse day than yesterday. work has been tiring and tedious. standing for hours on my leg is giving it pain and aches, adding to the discomfort of the blistering feet due to the stupid shoe i wore yesterday. i was so glad everything was over… only to realised that i have forgotten abt a msg i got in the afternoon.

my grandma has been admitted into the hospital for breathing difficulties. her cancer cells has spread, and i was rushing about, meeting my cousin and heading to visit grandma at the hospital. stayed for as long as we could, but i was really physically drained.

the doc mentioned that she might leave anytime.. and tried as hard as i might to being brave, my eyes just welled up with tears. and to think i am not that close to her. it’s really sad.

i wish i could take away her pain and help her bear it. 🙁

the week ahead is gonna be a tough one.

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