i’m sneaking in a short post here since its been eons when i really had the time + energy for something. i am so deprived of my usual life that i’m quite going bonkers. i SO DESPERATELY need to hit the malls, but each day when i try to make plans, i end up working way past 8pm. Grrr..

yesterday was an extremely terrible day. brain was frazzled with the amount of reports and figures that i had to churn out and analyze, and presentation/briefing to do. was hit with an extremely bad bout of headache from late afternoon till 9+ when i left the office. the moment i got home, i laid down to rest only to wake this morning. my head felt like it was whacked hard by someone with a huge hammer. and boy was i knackered.

the last weekend was extremely tiring cos i played close to 7 hours of snooker on saturday night and lost > $30($#&!@#$&#^@%!!), followed by the 49th day of my grandma demise on sunday. with only 3 hrs of sleep, i brought myself to chant prayers at the temple and a whole day of activities with my family, a walk from end of sembawang back home + a night of non stop mahjong.

it didnt have to be that draining, i agree. but the 7 hrs was the only time i had with wei, and i cant say no to family commitments. these days, i’m beginning to think family is more important even though rest is crucial. sometimes, you think things may remain constant when u just leave it to be, somehow, its not the case. *sigh*

ok. back to clearing my work.

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