wwenzz, why did you have to change and put my name in there?!?!?! anyway, am in a terribly foul mood today and i shall do this meme just to ease things off my mind a little.

Red, white and all colors bright
Food: jap, thai, italian, oysters, escargots, “gong gong” and chocolates!
Song: nothing in particular, but i listen to mostly cheena songs now
Movie: LOTR trilogy + harry potter
Day of the week: Saturday
Season: winter, i like the cold and fuzzy feeling.

Taste:koko crunch
Clothes:Ooosch! tee & fbt shorts
Time: 11.05pm
Surroundings: my living room?
Annoyance: at my inability..
Thoughts: stressed..

Best friend:
siew yin + hongli. we are always together but i lost contact with hongli now..
Crush: initals can? l.w.y i hope he’s not reading this
Lie: told too much.. cant remember!
Music: national anthem?

when i was 11 or 12. my brother smoked, so did i. and also, does 2nd smoke counts?
Drink: HL milk that i had in my koko crunch
Ride: train ride on the back home..
Crush: i cant remember anyone significant!
Movie: click. very touching and meaningful…
Phone call:wei, our daily chat..
CD: stef sun, 完美的一天

Dated one of your best friends:
Broken the law:yes. i stole
Been arrested: yes. the lockup was dreadful
Skinny-dipped: I want to, but have a thousand and one insecurities
Been on tv: yes. a flash in this program talking abt food with li jing mei and this other guy..
Kissed someone you don’t know: yes

4 things you did today:
work, blog, headed to the gym, and almost cried
3 things you can hear right now: my cpu fan, the clock ticking and my typing
5 people to do this: there isnt a need.. everyone else seemed to have done it already…

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