urk. finally done up most of my presentation slides after sitting before the computer for the last 4 hours. what a way to spend my weekend. more work to be accomplish later today and tomorrow.


next week is an EXTREMELY hectic week. i have no idea how i am ever gonna get through it and complete everything by the stipulated deadlines. also, i’ll be spending 2 days up in KL to attend a conference mid week. i wish the pace would slow a little.

i finally met during lunch on friday after chatting with him for AGES over the net. ha! it was a really really last minute thing when i called i_believe up when i realised i have an available time slot for lunch. in just 30 mins after the phone call, we were at raffles place having our lunch. ok, i took more than 30 mins cos i was caught while i was about to run out with regards to some work.

what can i say? it’s a hilarious meeting and kenties look pretty much like himself in the photos. the only difference is he has got sticky lime flavoured feet with courtesy from mengxin. haha. we’ll shall meet up again real soon ya?

for now, i need to bathe and grab a bite. i am so hungry that i can swallow a WHOLE COW. haven’t eaten anything for the whole of today!

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