the side of my lips cracked. and it’s ouch! each time i open my mouth slightly bigger, either to speak or yawn.

🙁 the pain is irritating me.. not extremely painful, but just nettlesome.

i had a happy lunch today! with mich, whom especially came out with a runny nose (i didn’t know about the runny nose beforehand!!!) to meet me, just so to cheer my day! *whole face full of gratitude*

(picture nabbed from mich)

we had lotsa of natters, laughter, sharing with each other what we have missed out over the last few weeks.. a little of gossiping and we half strolled and half chatted till i literally dragged her into the beppu to have frozen yogurt! YUMS! totally cheer my day loads, plus the cute little hello kitty vacuum cleaner that i bought.

Happy happy.

back in the office, the work frenzy hit me and i got lost in the midst of it again. why is my brain not moving fast enough? i need more brain matter for capacity.

i tried to change into some old clothes for an event tomorrow a while ago(i’m supposed to go retro) and i FEEL so fat. my tummy is getting really atrocious now and i am feeling SO SAD about it. my mind keeps telling myself that i have got to exercise but my body isnt very willing. HOW?

*yawns* time to pop in bed. i can’t wait for the new aircon to come in on thursday so that i can sleep with COLDER air.

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