It’s yet another routine morning. Preparing for work when i wake. The funny thing is, these days.. I feel different. Like feeling good when i wake, even though i may not have slept a lot. I have been consistently been more on time for work. =)

i’ve been asking myself. Am i ready? Many have seen my msn nick and given their 2 cents worth.

Johnny told me, i’m definitely ready. Move on was his advice. Else, put in effort and make it happen. Am i willing to put in effort? Not really. So, moving on will be a more appropriate move.

Rodney told me i’m ready. For him! *faints* but anyway, i thought that’s quite funny even tho it’s almost corny.

The rest who gave me advices, you know who you are. Thanks and I’m really putting in thoughts to do some evaluating.

Was just chatting to fio yesterday and she said it’s good that i’m beginning to evaluate. It’s a start to moving on.

Work wise, it’s been terrible. Extremely busy, losing a little motivation on a lot of things, feeling inadequate at most times, trying to be an octopus managing everything at e same time. What’s new right?

Met chey at the hospital yesterday. When i told her i was extremely busy…. Her reply? yeah, i know. You haven’t updated your blog for a week! In usual circumstances, there’ll be at least 2-3 posts a day!

i just had to say she’s damn right!

Meeting bran for dinner tonight. Am hoping to see him. My dinner dates for e entire week has been fluctuating! Loads of cancellations and rescheduling. Am i jinxed or what?!

Ok. Almost reaching e office. Hope everyone have a great morning! The week’s almost coming to an end!

as much as i hate to admit, i’m gonna miss you much when you are gone. Will we have a future together?

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