it feels damn good to be walking out of the office at 6+ and reaching back in yishun at 7.10pm.

i can’t remember when was the last time that happened, but maybe i should change my 8.30m go home resolution to a 6.30pm one.

how i wish. i left work today in a huff, with much undone but because the office is doing an upgrading of the internet and there is no access to the net nor the email server, i took that as an excuse to escape work and head home.

the weird thing is, when i left at 6.35pm, the internet is still working. ok. shall resolve to be really hardworking and double up during the working hours.

actually, maybe hanging up my phone and wearing an invisible cloak will helps. somehow, i can never get much work done during the official hours cos there’s just too much to attend to.

still, the gist is.. i am FEELING GOOD NOW! Whee! *jumps around*

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