the work is quite overwhelming. a morning meeting, a farewell lunch for one of the colleagues, rushing back to the office to another meeting, and before i have the time to pee, i am required for another meeting somewhere in the office.

and congratulations to me. i am part of the dinner and dance committee. *faints*

the long weekend is somewhat a little burnt too cos i need to be down at the stores for store checks, and i happened to be assigned stores that are far far away from me. i hope i can manage it ok.

the emails are popping in at a faster pace than i can consume them all. it’s really quite a challenge.

thank god i dont have a demanding boyfriend. i can predict loads of extra hours and challenges ahead.

good bye to my social life. good bye to livejournal. good bye to my favourite dinner dates.

wish me luck.

ok, back to work.

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