pardon the radio silence on the blog front for the past week. mummy me has been struggling with a full time job (with long hours) and a sick baby with an intense medication schedule and clocking in no more than 4hrs sleep daily. daddy wasn’t around all week but I’m glad to report I’m out in the sunshine now. baby is better (but still on medication), daddy is back and I spent an entire day sleeping away over the weekend so all is good..


except, maybe its my turn to fall sick cos I have been sneezing and sniffing non stop since morning. bah.


nonetheless, we had a good weekend. our little family trooped to the zoo on Saturday for a date with Dr. Brady Barr! if you don’t know who he is, he is the guy that always seeks out the reptiles, the dangerous snakes in dangerous encounters on national geographic channel. I’m not a TV person at all, and if I ever do watch tv.. i only watch national geographic channel so imagine my excitement at the chance of meeting him..

roomful of people waiting for the show to start, and I was already seated quite infront!


I think the husband enjoyed himself too as Dr Brady Barr introduces the various methods that he experimented in getting closer to nature in his expeditions (using masks, costumes, remote control cars etc) and the results of it. I got freaked out twice (from the loud sound effects that he made), caught my hubby letting out laughter a few times and judging from the crowd’s response, the event was rather well received!

jerry in our arms.


everyone stayed till the end and the kids were superbly excited when the live reptiles made their appearance.

a large python. I only managed a shot with myself in it before all the enthusiasitic children squeezed past me and covered whatever view I had. actually, I felt a little embarrassed to be as excited as the kids. the rest of the parents were all quite chilled and glued to their chairs.

midway, my baby zonked out after his milk feed.

and boy, does he nap like a boss. haha.


Dr Brady Barr then brings out the croc! do you know the difference between a croc and an alligator?


alligators have rounded noses/jaw like a duck bill but crocs are usually long and sharp.


alligators have the upper jaw teeth showing only when their jaws are closed but crocs shows both the top and bottom teeth with the 4th lower teeth being an extremely long one.


the funny thing is… I always thought its the other way around!

the close proximity I am to the reptile.

such a beautiful reptile, I wished I could touch it. I know, sounds crazy right? but I really would touch it if I could!

showing off his baboon mask.


my baby woke up after that so we gamely queued up for a family picture but unfortunately, the guy who used my phone snapped a blur picture (boo)! so I only have the hard copy… but an autographed one!

another autographed card that the hubby gamely shoved into his hands! lol.


we explored the zoo a bit (since entry is free anyway), showed jerry some of the animals before we popped home when the sun was setting my hands are getting tired carrying the bub.


a very nice respite to the hectic week I had had. I was glad I dragged everyone out for it instead of bailing out cos we were all so knackered!