Since a few weeks back, I have dedicated friday nights to having a date with the husband. It was triggered by the fact that mum went for surgery and there wasn’t the usual home cooked and we had to eat out.

It turned out to be a great idea (even though we end up eating really late on Fridays) because we managed to clock some couple time over a good meal or sometimes, a simple and happy meal. There wasnt the usual distraction of tv at home or other things snatching your attention (read: iPad/computers) so there were some quality conversations happening.

With the baby coming soon, we’ll have less of couple time together so I’m trying to play catch-up now. It has been eons since we last caught a movie – I swear off gore and horror movies these days because the images stay with me much longer. Not sure if it’s the hormones affecting me, so I rather not risk it. The other day, I accidentally saw a clip of someone exploding in a plane and died after some cheap, non approved breast surgery and the images are still staying with me till today. My tiny bladder syndrome also makes the 2 hr movie a pure torture and I refuse to pay and miss bits of the movie.

Anyway, the boy was not working yesterday and he took the train to my office for our Friday night dates! I took the car to work.. Lol. Popped by the garden slug for dinner!

We ordered grilled veggies and tofu for me. Feeling sick still from the freshness burger in the afternoon, I wanted something light and looking at how most of the menu items were steaks (which I can’t eat), pastas (which I find too rich), pizzas (too oily) and less off the sausages and stuff, this looks like the viable option. And yes, it’s sad that I have to choose my food these days via elimination route versus the usual, oh! This sounds good and yummy!. The food turned out rather tasty but the cheese were a tad too rich and didn’t sit well with my upset tummy, so I only managed some small bites and donated everything to the boy (who couldn’t finish it as well).

The boy ordered the Asian seafood broth served with pasta. I find it a tad oily (probably due to my stomach condition) but it was an interesting fusion taste of saltiness/sourness a little to the likes of Tom Yum or the chinese salted vegetables soup. The seafood portions were generous but the boy finds it weird tasting.

Let’s just say he’s quite a traditionalist when it comes to food. He doesn’t really take fusion food that well and he had the same sentiments when we attended a wedding dinner in my humble house some time back. Well, I can feed him white rice, fried veg and top it off with a sunny side up for a few days in a stretch and he would be still as happy as a lark. So easy to serve, so I’m definitely complaining!

We ordered 3 portobello mushrooms as side and they came juicy and nice. It was gone within seconds! Didn’t help that the boy was famished because he didn’t have lunch in the afternoon.

The night ended with a short walk around Kallang leisure park, where I wanted to visit song-cho for some stainless steel toilet accessories and 2 tubs of sinful awfully chocolate dark chocolate ice cream! Eermm, I have been loading up quite a bit of sweet stuff during this pregnancy and I hope I don’t grow the baby too big! Funny how I really look at fries and coke differently and how often I let myself subject to yet another cone or tub of ice cream.

Love the simple night out! Hopefully, we can settle into a routine quick when the baby comes along and my mum could help for a couple of hours and we could sneak out for some of these couple time in the future.

I should savour the good times when I can.. Because I woke in the middle of the night and vomited everything, together with loads of sour bile.


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