just remembered a little joke that made me smile this morning.

it happened during the car washing trip in JB.

we didn’t have a lot of ringgit and it was too late to go to the money changer’s. I had RM$200 and was wondering if it was sufficient for the lok lok meal for 3, car wash and the petrol refuelling for 2 cars, and agnes said, “no worries, i got Rm$100!”

and so we went, and after filling our stomach with lok lok, here’s what happened!

A: I’ll pay. i got Rm$100.
C: Don’t be silly, let me pay. i have more money
A: It’s ok. It’s ok.
C: ok. fine.
(waits with agnes for guy to give us our attention and tell us the bill)
C: *spots a different coloured note in agnes’ hands* hey! why your RM$100 looks different from mine?
A: is it?
C: *shows my rm$100* OMG!! you are holding the thai baht!
A: *stares at note and burst out laughing*

this girl, she’s super hilarious. I have no idea how she got her RM and baht mixed up together and folded together. so, when she saw the $10 wrapping the $100, she thought she had enough ringgit to scrape through the outing.

turns out, she’s the poorest amongst the 3 of us!

kevin and me had a really good laugh the entire night. now that i think of it, it’s quite quite funny!

perks up the start of my working day.

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