just had a near three hour lunch with joe. its was a painful process at times, of the topic that was revolving around us. there were moments when the tears just welled up, others when i laughed heartily. it was a good 3 hr and it a meant a huge thing to me.

at the end of it all, when joe had mentioned the reason for initiating the lunch appointment..i guess i have officially closed a chapter of my life. even he felt that it was good and happier for me to move on. something that i didn’t expect especially coming it from his friend.

and now, i see it clear. i see the reason why i had wanted it so bad in the first place. and if i had to take a gamble to see if one’s pride is more important, i took it.

i lost the gamble, but i didnt lose it all. at least, my directions are clear now.

like joe aptly put it, if the situation were to differ, it would be him to change it. not me.

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