The husband jetted off for yet another business trip today and I didn’t had the time to send him off to the airport.. So the last I saw of him was when he dropped me off at the office.. And I was in a rush to get into the office after the trip to the pediatrician in the morning.

I got home to all my toys greeting me, with a cute lady bug balloon and a sweet little note. Awwww.. I melted.

But wait, does he mean I am a bug?! Like a pest kind of bug?! #%^*+=!?%?!*

Never mind. The gesture is sweet enough to melt me after a tiring day at work and what seemed like a really tough, sleepless night last night. I’m sold.

*cues everyone to say awwwwwwwwww…*

I feel like I could survive the next one week with the baby all by myself already!

Man.. I feel ‘cheap’. I am only worth a small little balloon and it’s not even helium filled! Haha! I’m joking!

THANK YOU BABY! Love you to bits and see you soon!!

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