for the past few days, one of my superiors have been joking with me about appearing on “缘来就是你”.. he keep telling me he has got the contact and wants me to go for it. i thought he was cracking a lame joke on me. and i played along and say.. “ya ya ya..”

just a minute earlier.. my superior passed me his handphone. i talked to this girl on the phone. cant remember the name.. some jiayi or someting. oh my god. so it’s for real and it freaked the hell outta me. huh? do i look like i need help in making friends? -faints- and it doesnt help when ALL my colleagues told me to go for it. shouting in the background while i was on the phone with the girl. i very awkwardly told the girl i had a bf. and no, i have not registered. and she told me to TRY.

gosh. i dunno what to say. i dont really need new friends tho i dun mind making new ones. but appearing on national tv is just too much for me to make friends. and friends of the opposite sex. i can start imagining what raphael, victor and the rest of my guys friends will hurl at me. haha. they’ll prob. be pissed to a certain extent. haha.

i rejected the girl. my 6 year relationship is at stake. although it did sounded fun and something really outta the norm, i had to think abt wei’s feeling. would i really wanna rock the status quo for the sake of some fun? i think not. besides, the opportunity should be given to someone who really needs it, i.e. single.

alright, so anyone’s interested? I can try to get you on the program. males and females alike, aged 20+, single. let me know alrite? have a nice weekend.

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