i think the thing that i will miss a lot is all those long lunches, trying of all the various restaurants and enjoy eating.

i think it will be good news for my waistline, but it might potentially turn my days into mundane and boring ones since my lunch is always seen as a perk for the day.

anyhow, here’s some pictures taken some time last month?

lunch tea (around 3pm!) at hard rock cafe..

and when we were throwing a team farewell lunch for kara.. she chose turkish food, so we headed to SOFRA at shaw towers. and being the team culture, we ordered everything that we could potentially finish.. I am not exactly a turkish food fan, and neither am i someone who fancies kebap, so it wasn’t exactly a filling lunch in some sense because i didnt enjoy it a lot. nevertheless, my eyes sure did have a feast as everything was so delicately served and decorated.

food description in sequence (left to right):
– sesame bread (quite nice, but hollow in center)
– salad plate
– chicken baked rice
– eggplant kebap (very interestingly served on a mini sword skewer)
– adana kebap
– chef plate (a combination of Doner kebap, Izgara Kofte and a skewer of shish kebap)
– SOFRA musakka (this is delish!)
– SOFRA Fish (this is the nicest of the LOT!)
– golden jacket cream dory

seriously, most of the dishes taste very similar due to the sauce used, and every dish came with tomatoes as garnishes or sides! we were kinda amused at the amount of tomatoes that they might have to use each day.

the take out? jen and me definitely wont be back there again! we didnt feel satisfied because most of the stuff weren’t to our tastebuds, but if you like kebaps or turkish food, you can give it a try!

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