Exactly one month from now, my maternity leave ends. Time flies! Each passing moment just slipped by and my son is growing and changing every minute!

Tonight, I read him 2 books and his eyes were following my fingers pointing at the various animals and seconds after I finished, he gave a small yawn, and knock out pronto! Too cute! If only if the husband is home to witness it. He is still at work right this hour.

Meanwhile, the bub has quite a bit of health issues. Or health scares for the mummy! I found a 3.5cm x 1cm bump at the groin area one day, and freaked out. Turns out it was just a swollen lymph node as a result of his BCG injection and would likely go off by itself in a while. Because it is quite huge, the pediatrician say it would take months.. And then I found him with swollen eyes the other day. The swell went down he seems fine but I found that he kept rubbing his eyes and kept tearing, so am gonna bring him back to the pediatrician again tomorrow. Sigh. The medical fees are killing me man.

Meanwhile, he has since outgrown quite a bit of his clothes and I have started him on the 3-6 mths clothing.. Which means.. Loads of matchy matchy outfits with papa! And one with mama.. Simply because I hate wearing t-shirts. The weather’s too hot!!

By the way, Jerry is hot amongst my friends/colleagues. Everyone wants a share of him!

Chilling out with uncle Andy at swensens and aunty Cindy (see below)..

the 2 of them Andy refused to have a group shot taken for fear that it might create misunderstandings and he cannot get a gf after that.. Nonetheless, I posted the above picture on fb and tagged him with the caption Andy and his cute baby.

I got questioned by my colleagues for the misleading caption thereafter. *faints*

With aunty Shufen in the office.

My baby hates his tummy time and cries every time I put him on his tummy.. But sorry baby, you gotta train your neck muscles and forearms.

He got better by the day!

These days, I love his bedtimes because I get to put him in cute overalls to sleep!

He looks too cute in them! And it saves mummy the worry about whether he’ll kick his blanket off (which is all the time) and end up being cold.

My boy has also grown quite fat with double chin and bulging cheeks to boot!

Between his 2 paed visits this month that were 13 days apart, he put on 350grams.. My mum is saying that it’s more tiring for her to carry the baby., I wonder how she is gonna survive in the months to come!

My cranky crying baby. He developed quite a temper lately and has learned to give dagger stares at people when he is really angry. My! I have no idea where he learnt it from but I think likely when he was still inside me and I was giving my co-workers the killer stare when the job wasn’t done properly or when information was not provided or inadequate. Oops!

While he is angry and busy giving out the stares, mummy and grandma are laughing our heads off because its so hilarious. The other day, my mum accidentally snip his meat while cutting his nails and ended up with a bleeding pinky. Today, I tried to trim his toenails and all he kept kicking me and yanking his leg away and staring right hard at me angrily. I couldn’t help but laugh at it and gave up even trying. Told my mum that it’s all her fault. Wonder when we’ll get to trim his nails again.

mama, can I have milk please?

He keeps putting his 2 hands together in this position. Hmm., I should start training him to go “gong xi fa cai” for Chinese new year in 6 months time!

I tried to put him in the bumbo chair and he hates it for now. He also tend to sway quite a bit so I’ll try again in a couple of weeks time again. Guess he’s not too ready for it. Hopefully he stays lean till then! I have heard stories about baby being too fat to fit in the bumbo!

Good night my bubble boy! Hope you have sweet dreams.

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