I don’t know if i’m weird, but these days… When i experience someone being nice to me, it’s a joy and a sorrow at the same time.

Joy to know that people out there cares.. The sorrow portion is another story. Hmmm.. Someone made me ponder alot during my meeting today. Nope, not anyone from e office or agencies that i was having meeting with, but a friend that was messaging me.

I start to wonder why some people are so nice, even though some of the reasons may be obvious. When was the last time i was that nice to someone? (sidetrack: i’m ALWAYS nice!) I mean extremely nice, out of the way kinda situation. Being extremely nice and patient with someone takes a tremendous amount of effort.

Hmmm… Ok. I think i shan’t think so much. My food is here and i should start eating my dinner.

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