I havent read a book to jerry for ages. my bad. other priorities got the better of me. i tried to show him a new book tonight but he went to his book shelf and pulled this out instead.

yes. he likes to choose his own books and this is, afterall one of the newer books in his little library. 


so here’s my surprise. I started pointing out the animals one by one and asked.. “what is this?” across each item on the book cover.


and he went…
(when I point to the hive) bee!


and im stumped.  I definitely had not expected that he’ll get every one of them correct. ok. its wasnt really a house but a barn there but still..


I guess he’s soaking up things a lot faster than I am expecting him to. while I know he knows the individual words separately, I have never asked him to name them randomly from a book that I pick up so I am rather surprised.


and as usual, I asked the kid to show it to daddy and he got showered with loads of kisses.


guess we havent been observing him enough. and school has definitely helped him in some ways.


and so, today, I celebrate life’s little achievements. however small and minute it might be.